Sutton Coldfield & Erdington Arden Lodge No 210



Moose International is proud to present money raised from our annual Father Christmas collection. The local Boys Brigade and Girls Brigade received £750.00 each, along with our main charity MPS (Mucopolysacharide). We would like to express our sincere thanks to the people of Erdington, Sutton Coldfield and surrounding areas for their generosity.


Moose International is a fraternal organisation. We endeavour to look after our own and give support to others less fortunate than ourselves. We are a non-political, & non-religious organisation. We are an open organisation that has NO Masonic style rituals or strange beliefs, merely a desire to help others within or outside our organisation.


To this end, our lodge not only supports our nominated national charity, but also raises more for their own local well-deserving-causes.


As years go by we find it increasingly more difficult to maintain our membership as our membership ages, & it is for this reason I ask, ‘Can you help?’.


Apart from membership dues there is no other financial burden levied. All monies donated to charity are collected from the general public. The only commitment is time and our rules state that a member only has to give what he can afford. Thus there is no pressure from other members to do any more.


The most important part is that we are a family fraternity. Although monthly the meetings are for men, we do have a very active Ladies circle that raises money in its own right. A variety of social events are also held throughout the year: meals out, walks, cinema visits, theatre trips, etc.


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